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We provide a host of data services such as digitisation, translation, transcription and analysis support. See our full suite of services below.


Data Processing & Digitisation

We undertake data, document and image processing, helping clients make the most of their data.

Language Transcription & Translation

We take on large audio and textual transcription and translation projects. We help with content regardless of the size, type, audio quality, subject matter, or accents.


Research Support & Analysis

We offer data analytics services including: data tabulation, data consolidation,data visualisation, data discovery & statistical analysis.

Digital Administration & Management

We provide database administration and management services for all major database platforms.

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Data Processing & Digitisation

With our information and data-heavy lives today, every organisation is generating more data than ever before. This data is only useful if accessible. We help to make this data available to you.
We manage large volumes of documents for easy storage and retrieval including scanning, archiving, indexing, digital imaging and analyses. We undertake data, document and image processing, including extracting data off of the Internet and entering it into a spreadsheet or editing and tagging digital photos and even online monitoring and much more. The range also includes services like converting and processing printed documents, plans, maps and so on.

Benefits of digitisation:

  • Reduction of storage space
  • Increased security of data
  • Easy accessibility of data
  • Quick access and retrieval of data
  • Convenience in managing files and search them through remote secure access
  • Better option to overcome document disaster situation
  • Get rid of data loss
  • Instant data recovery is possible

Our document scanning and digitisation services are highly reliable, modern and cost-effective to be used for safeguarding your documents.

How we do it

Document digitisation is an activity in which data or information are extracted from newspapers, books, paper documents, business cards, periodicals or image files, video and audio and converted into digital formats. We can convert data to versatile formats like Text, HTML, XML, Access, Excel, Word, gif, jpeg or tiff, ASCII, rtf or delimited text files. The data can also be delivered either by mail or can be fed directly into your data management system. Data digitisation is beneficial for multiple users situated in remote places to look at the same document simultaneously without exposing the valuable originals to wear-and-tear.

All our digitisation services are performed with sophisticated infrastructure, high-tech technology and skilled work force in the following process :

Material collection from client –> secured storage –> batch and document preparation –> scanning of hard copies –> verification quality check –> conversion in required file format –> indexing –> quality review

Try our services to safeguard or share corporate archives, newspapers, government records documentation, library collections, or fragile books and documents. Data digitisation facilitates searching across voluminous documents for obtaining a specific piece of information in quickest possible time.

Language Transcription & Translation

Professors, Lecturers, students, PhD candidates and academic researchers have a lot on their plates — a typical day can jump between group projects, exams, meetings, interviews, and networking opportunities. It can be a lot to manage.

Academics are some of the busiest, most frequently stressed out people. Year-ends and exams can be some of the most stressful points of the academic year. Even when you are well prepared for this time with all the necessary interviews, seminars, lectures and other recordings in place, consider how annoying it could be to go back and look for a specific quote or piece of data in one of those audio recordings of interviews. It would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Rather than dealing with less-than-useful handwritten notes of interviews, conferences, group meetings, lectures and presentations,you can choose to leverage the efficiency and reliability of a professional academic transcription service provider. We can condense your audios into one coherent, logical piece of easily content searchable research.

Our services with multiple turnaround options, match your schedule and needs, and align delivery of transcriptions with key dissertation, paper milestones or the start of preparation for your exams/tests.

Regardless of the size, type, audio quality, subject matter, or accents, we guarantee 99.99% accuracy for all our transcripts.Send us the academic recordings to be transcribed in the format of your choice and we will return the transcript to you as per agreed specifications and turnaround time. Additionally, we will ensure that our services are most competitive.

Our Services include

  • Lecture transcription: Creating word files from lectures, videos, webinars, podcasts and other audio-visual tools as a medium of learning. Useful for students who can focus on learning in the classroom instead of taking notes. Useful for lecturers who can review their content in advance of firming up the lectures / make changes along the way.
  • Research and Seminar material transcription
  • Conference / symposium transcription
  • Academic interviews / media reports / media interviews transcription
  • Focus group discussions and in-depth interview transcription
  • Term papers / college papers transcription

Translation: German, French, Russian, Spanish and Hindi to English and vice versa. Support for other languages can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Research Support / Data Analysis

We offer data analytics services including:

  • Data tabulation: Organising data in a logical easy to understand form.
  • Data collation / consolidation: Including data capture from source and data validation.
  • Data visualisation: Graphical representation of data to help in better understanding underlying correlations.
  • Data discovery: Analysing data to find linkages, causation, etc. to help build hypothesis.
  • Statistical analysis: We have capability available in statistical analysis packages including R, Matlab, Stata, SPSS.

Database Administration & Management

We provide database administration and management services for all major database platforms. We can manage your data on our servers or yours. This is how

  • Data design and optimisation: Indexing and database structure design for faster retrieval of data and space optimisation.
  • Data monitoring and maintenance: Monitoring and maintenance of data, including monitoring of scheduled jobs and free space.
  • Backup and recovery: Including backup and recovery of databases and management of services continuity.
  • Security services: Implementation of security best practices including database security audits, data encryption and masking, updating software.
  • Performance Tuning: Database performance monitoring and optimisation.
  • Documentation and reporting: Preparation of support documentation including performance and backup reports.

What our Clients say…

Thank you very much for your timely help! It was a wonderful experience for me. Your coordination was really awesome! It is certainly fruitful to scholars like me who explore text and digital tools. I really appreciate your sincerity as you always kept in touch with me to make sure everything goes well. Overall, I was really happy about the service of MyAnalysers and looking forward to working with you again.


PhD research scholar, IIT Indore

MyAnalysers assisted us in the creation of multiple large-scale databases performing detailed data entry with the greatest of attention to detail. This has been demanding work requiring that the content be duplicated exactly and (you) always performed this work skillfully and in a timely fashion … extremely professional and easy to work with excellent service. Client is focussed and committed to providing value.

(Complete testimonial available on request)

We have been very happy with the work which your firm has done for us. We receive a very prompt acknowledgement. In fact we usually find that the work is returned in less time than we originally requested. Your charges are very reasonable, the standard of work is excellent.

Partner in a UK firm of solicitors

(Complete testimonial available on request)

We are here to remove the hassle from your research. We provide flexible research support, including data collation, transcription, translation, digitisation and text analysis.